October 23, 2008

My Favourite Things: Being a Feminist

I love feminism. I think it's the bee's knees, the cat's pajamas and just all round the most super amazing paradigm/set of ideologies ever collected and upon which I have reflected. Here's a list of reasons why I love being a feminist chick.

1. I love that I can have a higher education. Before feminism, that wasn't as easy.

2. I love voting! Before feminism, people with vaginas couldn't so much do that.

3. I love being able to have sex with whomever I like, and not having to have sex with whomever I don't happen to like. Sexual freedom and control of my own body is awesome. Before feminism, no one really cared if sex didn't feel that good for women....

4. I love birth control! Thank you, Margaret Sanger, now I can do what was outlined in number 3 as often as I want and not have babies at inconvenient times. Cool.

5. I love owning my own property. Before feminism, women didn't so much have property rights.

6. I love talking about how gender, class, race, religion, sexuality, class, ethnicity, physical ability and other aspects of our identities intersect to create we are and how we are perceived by society. When we figure out how identities in general and constructed, we have more control of our own.

7. I love having a community of people who know that gender is performative, not a given.

8. I love feminist conferences! They are lots of fun. "Nuff said.

9. I love that feminists fought to have Women's Studies included in my university curriculum, so I didn't just have to learn about boring, upper-class dead white guys for my entire university career.

10. I love that there are so many things I love about feminism, it's impossible to limit it to a concise list of ten things, so I have to force myself to stop here so I can go have some wine with my friends, as I could really gush on and on forever....

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