October 19, 2008

Introducing Someone Incredibly Cool!

This woman is incredibly cool! Everyone, check her out. Nazanin is a Canadian pilot, pop star, song-writer, academic, beauty queen and human rights activist who has just released an album of politically controversial songs meant to inspire a new "progressive revolution" in Iran.

I'm usually not a huge fan of pageant girls. It's not that I have a prejudice, it's just that I find their campaigns to make the world a better place are often superficial and poorly informed. Nazanin, however, is not doling out platitudes just to win the Miss World competition, which she came very close to winning as the second runner-up in 2003. Nazanin writes subversive music and leads petition campaigns to exonerate Iranian children sentenced to death for such "crimes" as defending themselves against sexual assault. Campaigning against the same people who issued a fatwa against Rushdie is pretty fucking brave, so today, I'm all about Nazanin. Who says we don't have Canadian "heroes"? This girl's mine!

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