October 29, 2008

Food Discrimination

My residence hall serves dinner each night. The chefs there, however talented, are currently pissing me off. They give extra food to guys over girls. Yes, I get one less piece of chicken, a few less potatoes, and I could never go back for a second dessert the way the guys can if they so choose. I pay the same amount of money as the guys to live and eat her, and truth be told, I'm more active than most of them! I work out five times a week for an hour each time, and I would on average 3 miles a day besides that. I burn a lot of calories, and since I have no interest in dropping 30 pounds any time soon, I need a lot of calories to replace the ones I burn! I have just as much a right to eat as the boys do!

Furthermore, even if I were not a girl who is abnormally physically active, if I want to eat like the boys eat, even if that's too much for me, that's my choice. I should have the choice to overstuff myself if I want, if the boys have that choice too. I do not like this gendered implication that I SHOULD be eating less than my male peers. This implication that I SHOULD be watching my weight, whereas they don't have to. I understand the chefs might be concerned about food waste, but then ask me how much I think I'm going to eat - don't just ASSUME I want less than the boys. Also, ask the boys how much food they want. Who knows? You could be pressuring them into eating more than they need each night with your special, "manly sized portions."

Sojourner Truth told the world she could eat as much as a man in her famous "Ain't I a Woman Speech." Well, I'm not sure if I can eat as much as man, because no one gives me the opportunity to do so! Let me try. All I know is I'm hungry every night around midnight, so yeah, I think I could do with a bit more food. I want equal access to the chicken tikka masala - is that too much to ask?

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Biscuit said...

Yes. I can definitely eat as much as a man. And I don't think this is abnormal at all. I'm not even as active as you, and I can eat as much as my partner!!!! So ask for that second piece of chicken. DO IT. You deserve it!