October 28, 2008

Come on, just let queer people marry in America....

I will NEVER understand what Americans have against gay marriage. I will never get why committed love between two people is so controversial over there. I mean, it isn't even that subversive. It's still monogamy. It's still a government-recognized institution, not a kind of relationship contract no one's ever seen before. What is the point in making people suffer because you don't think God likes gay marriage? If you're not getting one, God's not going to be mad at you if that's true! Plus, God is meant to be forgiving, so I'm pretty sure s/he would realize it's disproportionate to send you to hell just because your state allows gay marriage. Hell, even if s/he totally does think it's a sin (which I somehow doubt) I'm pretty sure God would realize it's disproportionate to send you to hell just because you GOT a gay marriage. It's not like you killed anyone. You just didn't have heterosexual sex, but God seems to be okay with that. Mother Theresa didn't have heterosexual sex, and she's a saint. Jesus didn't have heterosexual sex according to the bible, and he was the son of GOD!

Anyway, a few Americans have the right idea about gay marriage and are totally fighting for it, which is great. I'm sure there are lots of other reasonable people in the states, besides the ones who made this video. Now I just hope they become politically active to and stand up for the queer community's right to marry. You'll make Jewish mothers like the one in this video the country over oh so happy! Oh, and as for those of you who think gay marriage will destroy the US, Canada legalized gay marriage years ago, and our economy isn't tanking nearly as badly as The US'.

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Roland Hulme said...

Hooray. Brilliantly written.