September 21, 2008


One of my favourite porn stars, the very sassy and savvy pornographic performer, business person, and pro-porn activist, Miss Jenna Jameson, is having twins! Congratulations, Jenna. We need more sex-positive moms in this world. Who else is jealous of these babies having Jenna J. as a mom? I know I kind of am!

Congratulations to Jameson and her partner Tito Ortiz!


Mason Shael said...

I am not nearly so well read in feminist theory as you folks, but it strikes me as strange for feminists to ever praise Jenna Jameson. Although she might speak eloquently about her sexual agency in interviews and books (and whatever), she is known to the vast majority of people for dressing up like a schoolgirl and getting dominated up the ass by burly male masters. She almost always appears passive and victim-like in her films. I know Jenna chooses this work, and enjoys it, and finds it empowering etc, etc, but what it expresses to the public is that her hidden desires are the deep-seated sexual desires of all woman, that all women have rape fantasies, that all women want to be gang-banged. This is only underscored by the fact that her partner, Tito Ortiz, is a petulant muscular psychopath who beats people for a living. What everyone sees when they look at this couple is the blond moron who likes it rough and the man's man who knows how to give it to her, like every real man should. Jenna Jameson embodies all the myths boys are taught about female sexuality.

rantsalamode said...

Mason, I definitely understand your reservations about Ms. Jameson. She is a complicated figure, as so many pop culture icons are. Her porn is NOT perfect, but at the same time, she is making porn better for women performers and viewers, I believe. She takes on conservative news anchors to defend freedom of expression, produces her own films and profits off them herself. The fact that she producers the films through ClubJenna, appears on the news and has published memoirs very publically forces us to realize the blonde babe can be smart. Sure, she's conventionally pretty, but she doesn't ALLOW us to think she's stupid.
Her porn does buy into lots of stereotypes. Women are all hot and she dresses in skanky outfits, but Jameson has said she herself finds her costumes and scenes a turn-on. She is a participant in the pleasure. Her films also show here as an active participant who orgasms and enjoys herself. Some of her work might buy into rape fantasies, but I think she does have a diverse portfolio with some worthwhile productions.
I might be bias, however, because I'm definitely a sex-positive feminist who loves sex-workers rights activism. If you want some really truly feminist porn, go here The feminist porn awards happen every year in Toronto to honour self-identified feminist pornography. It's a truly inspirational event, because hey, why shouldn't feminists have porn they can watch without crining?

Mason Shael said...

I totally understand what you are saying, but my point is that what Jenna thinks and feels about herself in relation to the porn industry, how Jenna profits from films, how Jenna regards herself as a sexual agent, all this stuff that you mentioned doesn't really matter. It doesn't matter because no one knows about it (relatively speaking). I mean, porn is a massive industry. Sure her book sold well, but for every person who gains that little bit of insight into the sex-worker's perspective, far far more people are watching her movies that depict women in a terrible light. There is an important difference between what a sex worker really thinks and feels, and what they appear to think and feel. My point is that the latter is far more pervasive. Jenna can talk all she wants, but the fact is that most people don't care what she has to say. Far more people just want to see her get fucked. And let's not mince words. She is NOT the blond babe. Scarlet Johansson is the the blonde babe, someone who commands some respect and awe. Jenna is the blond slut. She is the dirty moron who it's OK to degrade. This is how she projects herself through porn. Again, she might appear otherwise in books and interviews, but that is clearly not what she is known for. She has made her fame and fortune as the slutty moron. That is to say, I disagree with you and think she has built her entire career on allowing us to think she's stupid. I mean, when has she ever appeared intelligent in a porn film?

I am not anti-sex, or anti-promiscuity. I don't believe people need to be monogamous, clean cut Christians. I'm not ___(fuck, I can't think of her name; that 2nd-waver who was really anti-porn; something stein?). I think sex is great and needs to be more openly discussed. I agree fully with you there. And I think it's great that Jenna has taken on conservative censors, etc. But I've watched A LOT of porn in my day. And easily 95% of the time women look like they are enduring painful sex to satisfy the man who won't take 'no' for an answer. In porn, woman appear as slaves: it is the role of the woman, Jenna's role, to satisfy the man, and any pleasure the woman derives is in virtue of how she has done her job well. That is to say their pleasure is secondary and unimportant. If Jenna's porn isn't cringe-worthy, I don't know what is.

Again, I'm not anti-sex nor am I anti-porn. I just have a problem with massive cultural icons who willing (appear to) degrade themselves and therein normalize the degradation of women. If she really gave a shit about feminism she would at least occasionally display one of her positive attributes in her porn. But she doesn't. She remains the slutty, degradable, moronic sex slave in her porn, and speaks up in comparably minor media.