September 5, 2008


Grassroots activism works! I have proof!

So, my friend's sister, a very talented rookie reporter for The Embassy, Michelle Collins, just wrote a very detailed article summarizing the current conflict going on between Armenian Genocide deniers and The Toronto District Schoolboard over the board's new grade 11 Genocide course, which discusses The Armenian Genocide of World War One.

Collins' article is very thorough, and it really helps my cause, which is trying to stop Armenian Genocide denial (and genocide denial in general and all acts of genocide, too)and allowing for more education on genocide in general. How this article came to be is that Michelle Collins was looking for story ideas, and because I was lucky enough to know her sister, all I had to do was suggest she look into this conflict, and voila, a fabulous article was written by her in a national magazine! So, the message, ladies, is don't be afraid to tell others what you care about. Don't be afraid to assert the importance of your concerns, because you just might get them out there! I tell everyone I know who asks about my causes about Armenian Genocide denial, which educates the people I know at least, and in this cause, someone I knew had a forum to educate people in mass numbers. How cool is that? Thousands of people will now be ale to read this article and learn what ridiculous lengths to which some people will go to deny a genocide that is proven to have happened, thus making it impossible for the Armenian community to gain full closure and move on.

Here's hoping Toronto unites to say these people cannot control the education of our children. Every student has a right to learn the truth about the world, even its tragedies....

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