September 4, 2008


Dear World,

Could people please stop wearing "hottest VP" buttons and referring to Sarah Palin as a "VPILF". Dear God, I don't like her policies, but I really don't like everyone's treatment of her.
While we're at it, could everyone stop forcing ALL the blame for her daughter's teen pregnancy onto her, too? She was the bread-winner in her family while her husband stayed home as the primary parent, so while Palin has to accept some of the blame, there is no reason why her primary care-giver husband should get off scott-free! Part of the price of being a stay-at-home-dad is also part of the privilege - you get to be the greatest parental influence in your children's lives. You get to set the rules and implement them more often. You get to be with your children the most, meaning you should probably be there for them and watch them. It's a hard job and a huge responsibility, and I would never ever want to be a stay-at-home parent because I would need at least a little bit of respite from parenting during the day, but if you do think you're ready and willing to forgo outside childcare (I understand some people are forced into stay-at-home parenting because they can't afford daycare, but this wasn't the case here.), you ought to step up. Palin's drunk-driving husband didn't seem to do that. His wife, the bread-winner, kept her side of the bargain, providing a good salary, benefits and a pension for her family while spending time with them after work and even putting a crib for her new-born in her office. What the fuck did her husband do? Why aren't we branding him a bad parent, because he sure seems to have been bad at the parenting job he opted into!
However, this is not just a matter of Governor Palin being treated in a sexist manner and being objectified by the press, the general public and members of the GOP. Oh no! Palin had to go and say the only difference between a "pit bull" and a "hockey mom" (She self-identifies as a hockey mom) is that hockey moms "wear lipstick." Yeah, as though the defining factor of a mother's womanhood is her make-up, and if she doesn't wear it, she slips into being a canine. Isn't that a throw-back to the time before women were even considered "persons under the law"? Even on days when I don't wear my lipstick, I'm a chick, not a dog! My humanity is not contingent upon wearing Clinique!

So, could everyone stop buying into sexist assumptions, statements and imagery where Governor Palin is concerned? NB. When I say "everone," that includes Governor Palin herself....

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