September 25, 2008


Why Shenae Grimes' Weight Matters

Today, I was perusing, and I came across this article on Shenae Grimes, the former Degrassi star who is now the malnourished-looking star of the new 90210. This girl CLEARLY does not eat. You look at this girl, and you know you could break both her legs at once with one hand as easily as you could snap a really old, softened pencil in two. The fact that Shenae's old-lady frail figure gives away the fact that she doesn't eat, however, means nothing to her. Shenae is now trying to prove she eats by posing for paps with food. But, come on, at least have the decency to put the food in your freakin' mouth, like Nicole Richie used to at her staged photo-ops with McDonald's when she was at her skinniest!

What kills me about Shenae is she is insulting our intelligence. That, and she is a TERRIBLE role-model. She is paid thousands of dollars a week to look cute and wear hot outfits and make out with hot guys on tv. This is a show that targets little girls. Could you please actually eat that food then you're carrying in that picture then, Shenae? You could still be super skinny and weigh ten more pounds, easily! Really, you totally could.

I don't usually like to criticise people for being too skinny (it's like calling someone too fat, and that's mean) but being anorexic on tv as a role-model and then insisting you don't have a problem? Well, that's just socially irresposible. If you wanna be ano, do it in private, not on tv, in front of millions of impressionable young girls. Please don't normalize anorexia and anorexic-looking bodies for the masses of teens who watch The CW. Don't accept the fame, the privilege and the amazing salary if you don't want to have to live up to certain standards of behaviour.

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