September 10, 2008


This is offensive, Perez Hilton. I don't care if you don't like her politics, degrading her to the status of an animal is immature and wrong. De-humanizing Sarah Palin by defacing her to resemble a pig is NOT cool. While this type of attack is never appropriate, what I want to know is, why couldn't Perez have defaced John McCain? He's the one actually running for PRESIDENT. He's the one who got to pick the major policies of his ticket and set the tone of his campaign. Why is all Perez' hatred centred on Governor Palin? Why is she the scape-goat? I smell misogyny!

Just because Palin is a republican does not mean it's okay to woman-hate. If Perez is really a democrat, he should remember that women's rights is supposed to be one of their key concerns. He should remember that he was actually a Hillary supporter. He should not shame women with sexist coverage when it works to the advantage of his politics. Feminism isn't just about ending the sexist oppression of liberal women - it's about ending it for all. And while I don't really think Sarah Palin's particular politics will help to advance the agenda of ending sexism (and could make life worse for women, too), I don't think that's an excuse to call her a "pig." I really don't. Because it's offensive to all women when you scape-goat one chick for what's wrong with an entire political party and a whole presidential ticket (of which she isn't even the actual PRESIDENTIAL nominee).

All Palin is doing is saying the same stuff McCain and the other republicans say, and she's the one who gets called sexy, or ugly, or a bad parent, or a bitch or a VPILF. She is not being treated like a regular incredibly right-wing republican, she's being treated differently, and I'm pretty sure that's because she has a vagina....

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