September 30, 2008

Reflections on Post-Partum Depression

As you can tell by the links I provide, I'm a little bit obsessed with mommy blogs. I love baby pictures, so they are like my baby picture equivalent to a meth or a coke dealer. Yeah, I got hooked by the fun stuff - the baby pics - but like any addict, I know need mommy blogs not just for my jollies, but to survive. They satisfy my curiosity about what motherhood is really like. I am so frightened and fascinating by becoming a parent at the same time that sometimes this life-transforming phenomenon is all I can think about. Mommy blogs have answered a lot of my questions. Many of these questions, however, have been answered specifically by Catherine Connors, the most honest mommy blogger in the world!

Click here to read Connors' reflections on a current post-partum depression. The fact that she can be simultaneously living through this hell and documenting it so profoundly and with such nuance is amazing and inspiring to me. Post-Partum depression is something I have spent a great deal of my life fearing. I'm pretty sure I would get it and mine would be epic, but this post has helped me envision that experience and become slightly less afraid of it. Whether you've had a baby, want a baby, might want a baby, or have no intention of having a baby but (as we all do) at least know some people who will at some point have babies, read this piece. It's amazingly enlightening about a woman's issue that so many of us go through, but so few of us talk openly about (Unless you're Brooke Shields. Thank you Brooke Shields. And I'm not being ironic).

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