September 26, 2008


One of the things I love most about The Broadspot is how we represent a variety of different perspectives. Biscuit and I seem to disagree on Shenae Grimes; however, I do see her point. Of course being too thin is like being too fat - It's probably not personally helpful for people to judge you for it. People can also be naturally skinny, that's true, and if you are naturally skinny, it would suck for people to assume you were anorexic and just lying about it. So, I guess I'm not specifically angry with Shenae so much as what she represents. She could easily be the exception -the naturally skinny chick with a perfectly happy diet, but I'm sick of actresses, their reps, their parents and their producers saying they are ALL naturally skinny and NONE of them have problems to explain mysterious weight losses, like Jessica Stroup's or Terri Hatcher's. They can't all be suffering from suddenly lightning fast metabolisms, can they?

And so it's frustrating being comfronted with all these girls who claim to eat and be healthy, when clearly logic tells us a good proportion of them must not. I also think it must suck for people who actually are naturuall skinny to have others who are not so naturally svelte hide behind the factual existence of naturally super thin gals as an alibi, pretending that they are like this, as well.

Of course, we don't know what's actually going on in every celebrity's life. We don't know them personally, and so when Nicole Richie claims she doesn't know why she suddenly lost 30 pounds during her tenyear on The Simple Life, no one can prove whether that's true, but I've just heard so many stories that explain why celebrities have lost weight but aren't suffering from anorexia or bulimia that I want to scream! I've been fed so many of theses stories, in fact, that you would think that Hollywood's rate of eating disorders is much lower than in the general public, where 27% of teenage girls suffer from eating disorders.

Would I call a fat girl out for being a bad role-model? I'm not sure. If there were any mainstream lead characters played by truly obese actresses on The CW, I'm not sure how I would react to them. It's just so unprecedented it's hard to fathom. But it would be truly unfair if we had super skinny girls on tv and no overweight girls, but acted as though the plethora of skinny girls was not at all suspicious. I really just don't think it does the average teenage female viewers any favours to turn a blind eye to these girls' ever-decreasing weights, and act as if there is nothing wrong with any of them. So, no, I don't think a Hollywood actress who doesn't eat but lies about it is a bad person, but do I want young girls to follow her example or believe that she's a truly healthy specimen to emulate? No, I definitely do not want that either....

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