September 19, 2008


I've said it before, and I'll say it again, the Cult of Virginity is creepy! So, the Jonas brothers are virgins. I don't care if they are. If they want to be virgins, good for them for keeping their virginity. But talking about purity rings to everyone who'll fucking listen is weird.
These Jonas people and their management are using their virginity as a commodity. It's a marketing tool that sells them to the social conservatives and I think that's grosse. Plus, the irony that they totally don't get is that it's like child prositution. They are selling sex to the masses, or rather, the lack thereof. They are selling their virginity to the world. The fact that they don't have sex is what makes them money, so, by extension, their sex lives are their living. This is prositution. Their sexuality IS their livelihood!I don't have a problem with prostitution, but child prostitution is not cool, and the youngest Jonas is only 15!
I also think it's ironic that the Jonases and their fanbase are probably incredibly anti-sex-worker's rights, but these hirsute boys are pimping their maidenheads out to the world. Oh well, I guess I've never accused the "Cult of Virginity" of being really savvy....

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Lux said...

Two things:

1) You're absolutely right in calling this out as a marketing tool. I find it interesting how terribly unoriginal it is, though. Remember Britney Spears and her mythical virginity? Now, in retrospect (and with the release of her mother's tell-all book), we see that not only was it a marketing ploy, but it was totally fallacious.

2) By far the creepiest thing about the purity cult are the bizarre ceremonies where girls make an abstinence vow to their fathers. Talk about quintessential patriarchy. Sexuality is NOT a commodity to be guarded or pledged -- especially by/to my father. So creepy... especially when these elaborate ceremonies come with disturbingly heavy marriage undertones. For some examples of what I mean, and for some insightful and funny Jessica Valenti commentary, check out