September 15, 2008


Make Air Travel Safe for Lactating Moms and Their Hungry Babies Alike

Her Bad Mother (AKA feminist/parenting blog author and former university professor Catherine Connors) is starting a letter-writing campaign complaining to Westjet. Westjet employees harrassed Connors for breast-feeding her young baby on a long flight between Vancouver and Toronto, basically forcing her to use a blanket to hide what is a perfectly legal and normal activity, humiliating her in the process. If you don't like big corporations who hate on moms who feed their babies with their boobs, please take a look at her crusade here. .

Her Bad Mother is one of my feminist blogging heroes, so please do take a look at her kickass blog and her new fearless camapaign. I'm not a mother yet, but one day I'd like to be, and I'd like this world to be friendly to my tits when I have to trot them out to feed a hungry kid. So, if you have babies, want to have babies, or just don't like the ridiculous stigma attached to breasts and breast-feeding in North American, please participate! Writing a letter to Westjet won't take long, but if they get enough of them, we could maybe succeed in creating one more safe space for nursing moms. The more, the merrier!

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