September 22, 2008


The Oddyssey of You and Me

I love you for all the things I see in me;
The fact that when I look at you, I know,
I know that you are thousandfold times
More me than I could ever hope to be.

You know the songs I never learned,
And as I study your body, your every curve,
As I hang lovelorn on your every word,
I see the mountains, rocks and rivers I
Never knew written all over and inside of you.

I love you for the mystery that is presented to me,
The mystery that really shouldn't be - the mystery
That should should not be so alien to me.

You feel like home - but a strange one that scares me,
Because I feel like I should know you - I feel like
I should know so many people like you.
But I don't. And you're me,
but you're a thousand times more me than I could ever be....

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