September 22, 2008


It was a good night for women in television at the emmys. Tina Fey won for her writing, her acting, and 30 Rock won best comedy! Take that Christopher Hitchens! Women can SOOOO be funny. Funnier than Entourage, in fact, and that's impressive, because Jeremy Piven and the boys are pretty fucking funny (Did you watch last night? Ari beating up Adam Davies at Davies'agency nearly killed me!).

No, but seriously, everyone remembers Hitchens' 2007 article, "Why Women Can't be Funny." I obviously just think women have been given fewer meaningful chances to be funny in high-profile places. Fey was the first woman to be the head writer on SNL and now she is one of all too few real female comedic leading ladies who isn't only allowed to be the straight man to Vince Vaughn in a "romantic" comedy.

Tina Fey's example adds fuel to my argument, that if you just give us a platform, we women can make you laugh. I mean, just look at Sarah Haskins. She's fucking hilarious! She's funnier and dryer and wittier than John Stewart or Stephen Colbert, but you can really only watch her if you know to search for her on Youtube. Society keeps funny women down who could give the men a run for their money and ruin their virtual humour monoploy, just like we do with good businesswomen and good politicians, to preserve patriarchy. My theory is that men are particularly guarded about letting us be funny, because if we girls had more Tina Feys to look to and began to think it was socially acceptable to make each other laugh, how would guys get our attention at bars? No, it's good for them that so many women think it's unsexy and even futile for a girl to try to crack a joke. It makes us so bored even an accountant's humour can be entertaining after hanging out with a group of girls dressed in hot outfits that are daring enough to show cleavage at both ends, but who are still too shy to tell a knock-knock joke....
Yep, patriarchy depends on us not being funny. So, crack a joke, girls. Crack one where everyone can hear you hear you and not just in a low-profile place and not just in front of other girls. Let men like Christopher Hitchens hear you be funny and tempt them to laugh. Sooner or later, a chuckle or two will slip out and they'll end up refuting their own arguments that we women are naturally humourless, and therefore less stimulating, entertaining and intelligent than men. Being funny fights misogony! Being funny is a radical feminist act!

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