September 2, 2008


HPV and ME

The Globe and Mail has a good article today on the HPV vaccine. I am anti-HPV vaccine. I don't think it's been tested adequately for its long-term effects, plus it's almost irrelevant if you get regular paps, because it usually takes YEARS for HPV to become anything terrible. Also, I don't like that in parts of the states, they are giving it to 9 year olds, when girls that young weren't even included in the clinical trials!

According to this particular Globe piece, a lot of medical experts are still pretty against this vaccine's wide distribution. So then why is it being pushed every time I turn on Slice? Lobby groups made a lot of money backing it because the pharmaceutical industry stands to make a lot of money off of it! The worst part of this vaccine? We don't even know if it's effective in preventing HPV in the LONG-TERM! So, I don't know the long-term side-effects, the short-term side-effects are worse than with most vaccines, and it might not even prevent me from getting HPV (which is detectable and treatable anyway!). Why the hell would I want this vaccine, again?

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