September 28, 2008

Graduate School is The New Finishing School

Grad School is the new MRS, didn't you know? Ya, for real. I have just begun my MSC in Gender at LSE (THe London School of Economics and Political Science), and I was shocked to hear that girls in my residence hall have actually been asked if all they want to do here is meet a husband, when what these chicks really want to do is do PhD's or get jobs at NGO's and eliminate world hungar.

IN the 60's, when far fewer women went to undergrad than men, people (Read:misogynists) accused the women who did go of simply being there to go hunting for successful husband to discredit their intelligence, disempower and embarrass them. Well, now that more women than men go to undergrad in much of the Western World, this has shifted. There are still fewer chicks at a lot of grad schools, so the new academic gol -digger is the "grad student," because you know, what girl would actually want to get a master's degree? Surely a BA must be enough to satisfy her simple female intellectual curiosity? Clearly, she must just want to get married.

LSE is really hard to get into. My female peers and I worked our asses of in undergrad and cultivated our academic mindsets for years before that in order to get here, and yet, the patriarchal, chauvinist attitudes that degraded educated women back in the 60's have now shifted to graduate students like me. No, my master's degree isn't at all about my goals of eventually getting an important job or a PhD, it's just a super expensive version of or Eharmony. Clearly all I want is to meet an MBA or law student (With the way the economy is going, I should probably pick Law to ensure myself maximum financial security) and buy a big house in Surrey where I can squeeze out lots of kids but never actually have a job or raise my children myself, but attend a lot of great tea parties and wear some fabulous hats, instead.

So, I don't exactly know what to do about this sexist prejudice, but I do know I would really like to get to the point where society will take me getting a master's degree just as seriously as the guys I know who are getting them, too. So, if by some chance I do meet someone at LSE and end up marrying them at him, I want everyone to know that was just a happy accident, and not part of "the plan."


Tiny T said...

I fully agree with "grad school being the new finishing school." education never looked so good before. I remember when being a dumb blonde was in, and now guys want the girls who know a thing or two. you go girl!!

Lux said...

I'm not sure that was her point, tiny t. I think what Rants was saying is that grad school is something we do for *ourselves* --whether or not guys find it attractive.

Feel free to disagree with me, though! Do you believe that there are some women who pursue higher education hoping that it will make them more attractive? or hoping that it will simply be a good spot to meet successful men?

Tiny T said...

oh, that's not what i meant. i'm def not that kinda girl, but i played on the idea of finding men too. i believe that men should not define the succes of a women