September 15, 2008


My Favourite Things

This is the first in a new series I'm doing in how to find feminist-friendly substitutes for all your favourite pop culture activities. I admit that I frequently enjoy commerical entertainment like television dramadies and pop music, but I like these things be as feminist-friendly as possible. So, here are my feminist solutions to my favourite guilty pleasures, starting with, how to get good gossip!

Trust me, feminist-friendly brain candy can be delicious!It's no secret that I like me some celebrity gossip, but Perez Hilton calls women "whores" and "sluts" a little too often for my liking, so what's a smut-loving feminist to do? I go to where I can has some juicey Lilo/Samro gossip from a woman who donates ad space to Covenant House vancouver and calls mean girls like Jennifer Love Hewwit out for being hypocrites an decries child stardom for how it destroys young lives. She worships the talented, like Julianne Moore and Maryl Streep and Tina Fay, and she refers to Paris Hilton as "Hollywood Ebola," because she's a talentless drunken driver who contributes nothing to the world. She also disses cheating assholes like Ryan Phillipe and lavishes praise on sexy male bitches like Alan Rickman. It's gossip that doesn't make me sick to my stomach! How great is that?

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