September 19, 2008


Yet ANOTHER Reason NOT to Vote for Harper

This is despicable! So, Goodness is a Canadian play that chronicles an encounter between a survivor of the Rwandan Genocide and a descendant of Holocaust survivors. It has won awards and is supposed to be brilliant. To help commemorate the 15th anniversary of the Rwandan Genocide, the country of Rwandan has invited the play's Canadian producers and playwrite to bring their work for a showing in Rwanda. The Rwandan government has offered to pay $30,000 for the play to come, but it will cost a total of $80, 0000 to do the tour. The play's producers had hoped to get the difference from the Canadian government's arts funds, so they could bring this play to Rwanda, but they can't anymore, because Harper slashed this funding.

Harper believes the free-market should fund art. The only problem is, the people of Rwanda can't pay upwards of $100 each for a ticket to see this play, and we shouldn't ask this of them. Goodness is an internationally significant work of art. It deals with genocide and attempts to promote an end to this evil but all too popular practice in our world. If by donating $50,000, we can help Rwandans commemorate a genocide we were too cheap and lazy to stop, as well as promoting an end to genocide in general, well, I think that's some of the best $50,000 the Canadian government has ever spent. It seems, however, Harper would rather bleed all money from the arts, and give it to sports programs so we can win more Olympic medals.

Yeah, so, Harper, I have a question for you; if the arts should survive by market forces, why shouldn't sports? Why shouldn't we stop funding them with our tax dollars, too. People should donate of their own accord to athletics or sports should find ways to make money to earn their keep by your logic, right? So why in God's name are we actually INCREASING funding for sports? perhaps, Mr. Harper, you simply don't like that so many artists are smart enough and vocal enough to tell the world they see through you and your kind of social values. I mean, I guess most of his socially conservative base out in Alberta will probably not be wanting to see Young People Fucking any time soon.

Plus, in terms of art commemorating genocide, I'm not surprised Mr. Harper simply doesn't seem to care. What has he ever done for Darfur? I guess as a privileged white dude who runs the world and has never been oppressed and doesn't seem to care about anyone else's oppression, genocide just isn't important to him....

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