September 24, 2008


Child poverty is a huge problem in Canada. Approximately 11.7% of children live below the poverty line in our country. This is disgusting. But no one is really talking about it in the election at the moment. I just find it ironic that there are so many social conservatives out there who don't like abortion in this country, but these same people seem to vote for Harper, who doesn't do a lot to help kids whose families can't afford breakfast....

Child poverty, as I always say, is a women's issue, too. We women put 30% more time into raising kids, and women are far more likely to be abandoned by their partners and to be stuck raising kids without the benefit of child support. We need to get out there and demand the assistance we deserve so that no woman ever has to raise a child she can't afford to buy a new backpack for when school starts, or, worse yet, can't afford to pack a lunch for every day. No child should have to endure such hardships, and no parent should have to watch their child endure such hardships.

Campaign 200 seeks to end child poverty in Canada with several goals and initiatives, one of which is to create a sizeable National Child Benefit Supplement for low income families that would total $5,100 a year per child. You can read their whole plan here. And please do read it, then call your MP to ask what they think about it. Let's use this election to help make sure each kid has the same chance of growing up sheltered enough,well-fed and well-clothed enough to get the most out of their educations and their childhoods, enabling them to become the happiest, healthiest, most productive adults they can be.

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