September 21, 2008


Thanking Livni For Becoming "The Powers that Be"

So, I'm very happy to report that alleged embezzler Ehud Olmert is no longer the PM of Israel. His successor, Livni, is a chick and one who says she is committed to working out a peace accord with the Palestinians. A peace-loving woman as a world leader = great. I believe visibility can help tear down barriers, and the more we get used to seeing women in power, the more role-models we'll have for women seeking political power, and the less uncomfortable people will be with seeing a woman leading (I hope).
No, Livni's not Israel's first woman PM, but there are so few women heads of state right now that her status as PM is ground-breaking and history-making. No, she's not the first, but there haven't been many women world leaders since Golda Meir, Margaret Thatcher, Kim Cambell and Benezir Bhutto blazed those trails. It's like the political world thought all we needed was a few token female political heroes to look to, and then we'd shut up forever. Who cares about long-lasting and consistent representation in government, right?
Every woman in office counts and is still worth celebrating, because, unfortunately, there are still so few of us in high posts, or even there at all. We need to change this. We need to create a world where qualified women like Hillary Clinton can become president of the United States, but, until then, at least we have the odd role-model. Every once in a while, we women get to see one of us run a country and read about her doing so in the news.
Unfortunately, if Livni fails, her gender might be blamed (Eg.all the women-bashing that happened in Canada after Kim Campbell proved to be a less than stellar leader), but if she succeeds, it's uncertain how many barriers she'll break and how many people's minds she'll change about women's ability to run the world just as well as men can (Benezir Bhotto, anyone?). Tzipi Livni, my thoughts and prayers are with you. You don't just have the fate of the Middle East in your hands, the reputation of women as world leaders now lies with you, too. You have a lot to live up to. And, no matter what you later go on to do, let me say now that I respect you for taking on this incredible burden....


Anonymous said...

FYI, olmert has been accused of many things (mostly corruption), but rape is not one of them. you may be thinking of israel's last president (katzav), who is awaiting trial on various sex charges.

rantsalamode said...

Right you are! I'll edit that. Olmert was more into embezzling and the like.