September 3, 2008


Why I Read Ann Coulter

I kind of don't hate Ann Coulter. I know, that sounds crazy. I know, that must be a personality flaw, right? The woman has said women shouldn't vote and is immature enough to have called democrats "ugly". She is delusional when it comes to how racist, sexist and classist America still is, and plus, she's mean! And while all these aspects of Ms. Coulter are unfortunate, there are times when I dig her.

Sure, Ms. Coulter is an anti-feminist, but anti-heroes are all the rage on tv these days (Mad Men and Big Love, anyone?). There are even some things about Ann Coulter that I admire. Really, truly admire. I like that she is opinionated. I like that she isn't afraid to be called mean or a "bitch" when most women (included myself) are still policed somewhat by the fear of being stuck with that label. Sure, she's a total hypocrite, saying women shouldn't work and should just stay home and raise babies when she went to an Ivey League School and has a law degree as well as being internationally famous. She doesn't stay home and raise babies - she doesn't even have a baby - or a husband - for that matter. She's like a meaner, rantier, more socially conservative but sexier version of Carrie from Sex and The City.

I also LOVE that she randomly endorsed Hillary Clinton during the democratic primary, saying she would prefer her even to John McCain. Coulter always keeps you guessing, and I'm starting to guess that, the fact that she never practices what she preaches - and supported Clinton - suggests she's a bit of a closet feminist underneath it all. I suspect she respects what feminists did for her, making it so she doesn't have to stay home and raise babies like she says all women should but clearly doesn't want to do.

Ann Coulter is provocative and she gets us talking. Also, no matter what else you say about her - even if you think she's crazy - you can't deny she's really smart. Her knowledge of history is excellent and her wit is razor-sharp. In a world where middle-aged women in the media are seen as all but disposable, she's still wearing short skirts and refusing to stop being both savvy and sexy, and doesn't seem to give a damn what you think. Hot! No, I wouldn't like to be Coulter's friend, but she would be one damn formidable foe, so I'd like to be her frenemy...

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