September 8, 2008


Today, I'm angry. Why? Well, I'm about to start hating on Jennifer Love Hewitt. Why? Because why the hell do celebs who get criticised for being a size 6 or an 8 get and then get all self-righteous about the criticism and declare that they feel fine then just sell out? Why did Hewitt tell people magazine Hollywood's size 0 beauty standards were ridiculous and she was proud of her healthy, thin, fit, but undeniably curvaceous body? Why did she say she wanted to be a role-model for young girls who weren't stick-skinny and tell them all to "put on a bikini and stay strong" if she was just going to go immediately to a fancy Hollywood trainer and show up 20 pounds thinner a few months later?

Don't ask to be a role-model for healthy eating and body-image and then go all diet-obsessed and anorexic. I agreed with Hewitt that she did NOT need to lose weight when pictures of her in a bikini were labelled as "fat" this winter. She looked to be about a size six to me (Though she claimed to be a 2 for some unknown reason. Why was she embarrassed to say she was a six? I don't know, I guess for the same reason she was embarrassed to look like one and dropped twenty pounds when she didn't need to).

If you don't want to be a role-model, Ms. Love Hewitt, you don't have to be one, but then please don't declare yourself a proud curvey girl when you're already en route to sign up for the Zone Diet or some other designer form of Hollywood anorexia. Please stop being such a hypocrite. It's dangerous, because when the woman who declares herself a role-model for young girls with boobs and bums loses what made her bootylicious, other girls of the same size or higher who are not fat might start to think, "Hmm, the tabloids called her fat, and now her actions are saying she secretly believed them. Ergo, I must be fat, too!"

Ms. Hewitt claims she didn't diet and start working out with a trainer not because she felt fat, but because she wanted to feel "better;" however, she told People this winter, when she was still a curvey girl, that she eats everything in moderation and exercises on a stationary bike on her set, so really, why wouldn't she have felt fine? I don't have any friends who are a size six who feel they have extra weight that is making them sluggish, because it's a healthy size. It is, in fact, WAAY thinner than average.

I'm a size six and I'm not fat, and health-wise, I feel great! I eat three healthy meals a day with a snack or two of fruit and I work out 5 times a week and walk everywhere. I agree with Hewitt's earlier comments that thin girls who aren't sticks should not have to be lampooned as obese because we have voluptuous bodies; I just wish she still agreed with herself....

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