August 20, 2008


Olympic Boycott, Day 13

Okay, I'm all for people condemning the Genocide in Darfur, as my Olympic boycott highlights, but, like, WTF? This is just confusing. It's also the best example of dramatic irony I've ever seen outside of a Shakespeare play....

So, the president of Darfur claims that not only is his government not backing the genocide in Darfur but that there is no genocide being conducted in Darfur at all. His proof that there is no genocide? There are no mass graves - definitely NOT the best argument I've ever heard. Well, first off, why would we believe this assertion of yours, Mr. President? Secondly, the desertification that is plaguing your country would do an awfully good job of hiding a lot of mass graves from public view. Mr. al-Bashir, not only are you evil, but if you expect us to believe your logic, to be deceived by you, you are an IDIOT, too.

Here's where this story gets weird. Mr. al-Bashir chose to articulate his latest denials of genocide in Istanbul, at the Turkey-Africa cooperation summit. After saying these inflammatory things to the world press, who do you think told al-Bashir off? The President of Turkey! Well, yeah, I'm ALL for telling off Darfur, but isn't that the pot calling the genocidal kettle black? Does Turkey think we don't know their dirty little secrets?

The Globe and Mail writes:

"On Tuesday, Turkey's President Abdullah Gul urged Sudan to take esponsibility for Darfur and to end the suffering in the region."

Yo, Abdullah, take responsibility for your OWN genocidal tendencies FIRST! You just bombed the shit out of the Kurds (in Iraq, I might add. Not even in Turkey) for having the audacity to rebel against you after years of not being allowed language rights and of it being illegal for them to identify as anything other than Turkish. They are politically disenfranchised and until 1991, went years without even being legally allowed to record music in their mother tongue. Trying to eliminate cultural and ethnic difference via forcible assimilation? That's genocide. Bombing the fuck out of people when they rebell against such policies? That's REALLY genocide!

Also, it wouldn't kill Turkey to admit to having committed the Armenian Genocide, as well. It's been 90 years, so some acknowledgement would be nice, and would also make your argument that al-bashir should admit to his currrent genocide stronger. I think it's obvious that when genocide deniers and conductors tell you to acknowledge genocide, they don't exactly have the moral upper hand. Oh, and while you're at it, could you allow women who wear the hijab access to education and government jobs, as well? Ending your mistreatment of women would also be super cool!

You can read the whole ironic story here:

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