August 8, 2008


My Beijing Boycott, Day One.

Day one of My Great Olympic Boycott is proving VERY difficult. The olympics debuted today at 8:00 am, and EVERYONE WAS WATCHING.

They were doing live coverage on the CBC radio, which my father plays on the way to work. This was my first obstacle. I explained my boycott to my father thinking protesting actions of GENOCIDE would be the magic word. While daddy was sympathetic and proud of me for being political, Daddy did not turn off the radio or switch it to some soft-rock station that would inevitably be playing Katy Perry. I do not expect people to cater to my boycott. I do not judge people who aren't boycotting (I mean, I totally respect the argument that our athletes, for the most part, did nothing wrong, and need our support), but I still half-expected my father to support ME just because I'm his daughter. No such luck - he loves sports more than me, and I guess I'm fine with that. It's not that he doesn't love me a lot, it's just that he happens to love all sports (even darts!) A LOT! I tried my best not to listen, and instead hummed Katy Perry in my head.

I got out of the car and thought I was free, but no such freakin' luck! At my office building, on the ground floor near the elevators, they had tv's temporarily set up so people could watch the opening ceremonies! I had to run to the elevators with my eyes shielded, as the Olympics are like crack or meth,or having really great sex, and once you have a taste, you can't just forget about it - it makes you want MORE!
As usual, when I got to my desk, the first thing I did was to go to to read the news - yeah, it was pretty much ALL about the Olympics. The site also had pretty, colourful and just plain seductive pictures of the opening event to real me in, but I managed to resist by employing the strategy of blogging about my boycott every time I want to fall off the bandwagon and watch or read or listen.
Wish me luck, Internets. Having experienced several Olympics before in my life, ths boycott is as hard as going abstinant cold-turkey after years of kinky sexcapades everywhere from a beach in the Muskokas to Stauffer library at Queen's University (the latter is something I always wanted to try but never got around to...Sigh...Well, there's always HOMECOMING, if you catch my drift).
I am now going to go look for shiny things with which to distract myself....

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