August 26, 2008


Let's Get Out That Super Sexy Slut Vote!

So, Katherine Jean Lopez says Madonna represents "The slut vote" and so we should ignore her campaigning for the democratic party. has in turn suggested we appropriate that term to describe women voters who are in favour of reproductive rights, gay rights and good sex ed. I say that's a great start and that here in Canada, we should appropriate the term and throw in Sex Workers' rights too!

The Globe and Mail and other media outlets are suggesting there might be a fall election, and Stephen Harper is a crazy neocon who needs to go DOWN (not just in politics, but maybe on someone hot and sexy, as well. It might do him good. Sex is a great stress reliever and he is super up tight!) So, let's get out the Slut Vote. In other words, the votes of anti-puritanical chicks who don't subscribe to Harper's band's waiting until marriage philosophy and who don't want to spend the rest of their lives barefoot and pregnant. So, Stephen Harper, you might have used parliament to "declare" women equal last year before slashing funding to government programs programs that are supposed to help women do things like reduce the wage gap and female poverty. Your gang of neo-cons might even call sexy and strong women like Belinda Stronach "dipsticks" and a "dogs". Go ahead! Your cronies can call us feminists who want rights over our bodies sluts and immoral all you want now! Because we're coming to the polls, and I'm willing to guess MOST of us won't be voting for you!

An election is near! It's time to get out the vote, ladies. This election isn't just about duelling environmental platforms (while those are very important to all people and especially women)! Let's get out there and make them make it about specific women's and gender issues too! I want my birth control paid for by the government (I know that's technically OHIP's fault that it's not, but the PM could help do something about it!), I want equal pay, I want an effective child-care plan, I want my right to abortion protected by the powers that be, I want free university education for all (again, the PM could help that by giving more federal funding to education), and I want aboriginal people and their reserves to have access at least to basic necessities like clean water and food, which they currently do not always have. Also, decriminalizing prostitution would be good, too.

So, what do YOU want? Come on, don't be afraid to ask! My vote is worth something - in fact, I think it's worth getting everything on that list for which I asked!

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