August 25, 2008


You Know An American Presidential Candidate is Making a Mistake When....

So, Obama picked Joe Biden. Slow clap everyone, slow clap. Nope, apparently he didn't even "vet" Clinton. She was never an option. Why? Why, after winning millions of votes and making nice and campaigning for Obama after being forced out of the race by a bias media and a screwed up decision concerning delegates in Florida and Michigan, was she not even bloody well considered for the job? Why instead, was an old man who referred to Obama as the only mainstream handsome and articulate black guy ever (One of the most ignorant comments of the year in American politics) chosen? Why, well, I've said it before and I'll say it again, Barack Obama is AN ATTENTION WHORE!

I'm not saying I prefer McCain. Just sayin' Barack needs to get the fuck OVER HIMSELF. You have to be pretty arrogant to run for president when you're as inexperienced as he is, but when you decide to pick a shit candidate to be your running-mate over a great one who is at least your equal in intelligence and vision, it looks very suspicious. It looks like you're too into yourself to share the spotlight and make double history with the first black president and the first woman vice-president too! So, intelligently, McCain has decided to attempt to split the traditionally democrat-leaning female vote by capitalizing off of this betrayal of the female democrats who voted for Clinton in droves (and the smart male democrats who always liked and voted for Hillary, too. Oh, and the entire American public, who all deserve the BEST VICE-PRESIDENT POSSIBLE!). I am willing to bet that most of us thought Obama was bigger than this. I know I did and I wrongly thought he'd at least CONSIDER Clinton. I thought Obama was bigger than this and I was never his biggest fan! No, I didn't ever think he'd pick Clinton in the end, but I thought he'd at least consider her! She's earned that much....

John McCain just released these attack ads. I know he just wants women's votes and will go on to appoint ant-choice supreme court justices in all likelihood, but it's very seductive to think you have at least one candidate on your side, to have your grievances legitimated and respected by a man who doesn't refer to you as "bitchy" or "hysterical" and doesn't imply all Clinton's supporters were excusively female or racist and that we were just in favour of her because she is a woman or because she is white. Well played, John McCain, well played. You might be old, but you're still sly!

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