August 25, 2008


How to Sell Birth Control Right....

Sarah Haskins is probably one of my favourite people in the world at the moment. That chick is funny and oh so smart! This newest piece on birth control is probably one of her best yet, simply because she is simply observing what is already present and truly bizarre in the way birth control is marketed - yeah, no one ever talks about sex! I realize that in Canada, we technically aren't even allowed to say what ANY medication is for, unlike in the US, so that makes advertising hard, but we could do a WAY better job at implying it!

My own idea for a direct and clear Canadian birth control commercial would go something like this:

Boy and girl enter a bedroom. "I Want Candy is the ad's background music. The first couple we see kiss and begin to pull at each other's clothes (no real nudity. This will look like a love scene out of Grey's Anatomy.) before catapulting themselves onto a bed of coats (they are clearly at a party). Then, cut to a fast clip of two students at thelibrary looking lustily at each other as they disappear behind a stack of books. Next, cut to two parent types holding hands and exchanging meaningful glances as they exit their child's room. Cut to a voice over of a woman saying: "Alesse. Always be prepared."

This ad is direct. It says, if you like to have sex anywhere and don't want more children to put to bed, use birth control! It facilitates your sexy lifestyle (of course, if you're not tested and monogamous, you should use condoms too.). I also like how it coopts the motto from those stupid Girl Guides. I just hope they don't sue for defamation....

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