August 14, 2008


Olympics Boycott, Day 7.

My Olympics boycott is a joke among my friends. Well, particularly amongst my guy friends. They seem to think it's cute. They seem to think I'm doing it for attention or something, assuming political airs to seem all "serious," when I'm really just a girl, and therefore, by definition, incapable of being "serious." They seem to think I'm being ironic when I boycott, and that this irony is for their own comedic enjoyment.

On Saturday, I walked into a room at a friend's party and the Olympics were on tv. A boy playfully ran in front of me to shield my eyes, laughing, "Don't watch! Don't watch!" As if I couldn't identify and turn away from The Olympics myself?

Later, When I explained my reasons for boycotting to another young man at this same party, he gave me an indulgent smile, as though I were a five-year old raising seven dollars for the Terry Fox Run's fight to end cancer, and said, "Oh, that's nice of you..." Ah? "nice" of me? I'm not doing this boycott of Beijing to be nice! I'm doing it to take a firm political stance against nations that SPONSOR GENOCIDE. I'm doing it to stand up for human rights and the principles I believe in. It has nothing to do with whether or not I'm "nice". I mean, no one calls Stephen Lewis "nice" for trying to get Aids drugs to Sub-Saharan Africa. No one calls Al Gore "nice" for trying to save the world from climate change, and no one calls Stephen Harper "nice" for devoting his career to politics (though I really wish he wouldn't). So why am I "nice" for doing this boycott? Why can't I be a political hardass who isn't willing to compromise on her principles?

Why can't people think of me as a shit-disturber or a real-live activist? Why is my protest so cute? Why do guys laugh and smile indulgently and cover my eyes? Why has this boycott become a way for men to facilitate flirting with me at parties? It's like when guys say idiotic things like, "You're cute when you're angry!" It's to distract us from the problem or just from cultivating an attitude of rebellion and assertiveness in general by reminding us that we're sweet and feminine and when we get angry, it's just funny! It's basically saying, "Don't even bother trying to change the world or getting mad at injustices, because we don't take you seriously, sweetie! But you're easy on the eyes, so how about you give me a blow-job with all that energy you're wasting on organizing your little teach-in?"

I'm angry about Darfur! My boycott is NOT cute!

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